Buraq Capital Limited.
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Plot 1129, 3rd Floor Muktar El-Yakub Place
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Buraq Capital Limited is a viable, growing and sustainable shari’a-compliant / ethical financial services provider in Nigeria.

Who We Are

Buraq Capital

Buraq Capital Limited (BCL) is being set up to take advantage of the growing awareness and the growing opportunities in the nascent Islamic Finance industry in Nigeria.

Over the years Islamic Finance is fast gaining ground and recognition in other countries / region such as Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and many countries in Africa. We aim to build deep and efficient skills in Islamic Financial Advisory Services with a view to serve our various stakeholders.  The intent is to start small and gradually grow bigger by setting up complementary institutions like Takaful, Leasing company, Issuing House, a full fledged Bank etc.


We are dedicated to managing finances and wealth complexities. Our members have served on the most experienced investment boards comprising of investment professionals, averaging decades of financial industry experience and beyond.


Exclusive service offerings

We build deep and efficient skills in Islamic Financial Advisory Services with a view to serve our various stakeholders to grow our client base and market share.

Financial Advisory Services

BCL will provide Financial Advisory Services strictly in line with Islamic Finance models to Government Corporate Organizations, Non-Profit and Individuals.

Shari'ah Compliant Financing

BCL will provide Shari’ah compliant fund raising options, restructuring companies and organizations to comply with Islamic finance requirements.

Shari’ah Compliant Investment

BCL will provide alternative business solutions and create awareness of potentials of Islamic Finance in solving the lingering challenges faced by the conventional finance sector.


transactions profile

N100Bn Capital Raise

Project:   Funding of Road

Role:     Technical Adviser

FGN Sukuk 1

N10Bn Capital Raise

Project:   Funding of Houses

Role:     Financial/Shariah Adviser

Family Homes Funds Sukuk 1

N5Bn Capital Raise

Project:   Funding of Road

Role:     Financial Adviser

Taj Bank


Buraq Capital Limited can provide quality finance and investment advice today.


news updates

FGN SUKUK SERIES IV – Greenwich Merchant Bank supports FGN to raise N250bn for projects across Nigeria

Buraq Capital Chairman with fellow Panel Members for IsDB International Islamic Finance Award

IsDB Board of Exec. Directors Approves $338 Million for Dev. Projects in Member Countries